« Together let’s reconnect those in need and give them back their smiles »

In this digital age in our society, having a device, a network connection, and the knowledge to use it, is becoming essential.

Unfortunately, in Belgium alone, almost 1 out of 10 people do not own a digital device and 1 out of 3* people are vulnerable faced with this growing digital environment.

The current health context has made us aware of the need to have a connected device for one's daily life including :

  • Communicating with family and friends
  • Accessing essential services, increasingly digitalized: banking, employment, health, administration...
  • Enabling the continuity of education
    And many others...

This awareness should not be limited to this exceptional period we are living through but should allow concrete and structural actions to be taken for those in need.

This is why, together, the teams of Solidaris, the Belgian Red Cross and aSmartWorld, with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation, have joined forces to distribute refurbished smartphones and tablets to people in need and to support them in the use of these devices. 

Our objective ?

To reconnect 10,000 people in need this year !

* Figure based on the King Baudouin Foundation's Digital Inclusion Barometer (2020)

Meeting with Simone

"By donating your device, you can recreate the social link that these people lack."

Geoffroy Van Humbeeck, CEO of aSmartWorld

How can you help us ?

Financial donation
Financial donation

You don't have a device to donate but still wish to participate in the action ? Make a donation to the project and benefit from a tax reduction!

Donate your devices
Donate your devices

You are a company or a private individual and you own unused device(s)? Give it (them) to benefit people in need!